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Curriculum Vitae (English)


English Version

  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Volunteering
  • Complementary Formation
  • Computer Skills
  • Other Information

o 2014- Present. Scotland. I am working on personal photography projects, my website (bgofigares.com) and improving my English skills, combined with work experience in customer services

o 2014 Graphic Designer. Victor Scott Kiltmakers. Edinburgh. (Scotland)

o 2013 Collaboration Camera DSLR and Edition Video.Yellow Bricks Creative Center.
Recording publicity spot for Clínicas Rincón basketball club

o 2013 Photographer and Graphic Designer. Correduría de Seguros Alfonso Fígares. Event photographic poster

o 2008-2012 Audiovisual Technician. Ruybesa. Bank of Santander.
Wiring and maintaining audiovisual equipment in meeting rooms, events, multiconferences, development and formation rooms under the direction of managers, directors and company CEO`s. Video Conference Tandberg.Tele presence Cisco. Touch screen Crestron

o 2006-2008 Audiovisual Technician. University of Málaga.
Updating TV Web and collaboration in the renovation of television contents ‘umaTV’. Photographer for the electorate programme of the rector.

o 2005 Television Camera ENG and video editor. Procono PTV Telecom

o 2003 Person in charge of Media Audiovisual. Eco Arquitectura del Sur

o 2002 Apprenticeship Television Camera ENG. TVerbo

o 2001 Apprenticeship Television Camera ENG. Benalmadena Radio Televisión. BRTV

o 2013-2014 Master in Visual Design. Yellow Bricks Creative Center. Málaga.

o 2003-2008. Degree in Audiovisual Communication. University of Málaga.

o 2000-2002. Superior Technical Audiovisual. Superior School Communication, Image and Sound. CEV. Madrid.

o 2008-2012. Spanish Voluntary Teacher for Immigrants. “Entre Culturas”. Majadahonda, Madrid. Spain

o 2002-2007. Monitor Leisure and Cultural Animation. Grupo Scouts 415 Los Olivos. Málaga. Spain

o 2006. Spanish Voluntary Teacher. Unión Educativa Cardenal Spínola. Barquisimeto. Venezuela.

o 2013 Workshop: Lighting and Photography. Internacional School of Audiovisual Media. (EIMA). Madrid. Spain

o 2013 Course Improvement of Photography. Apertura. School of Photography. Málaga

o 2013 Course in Stop Motion. Séptimo Pixel Producciones. Mijas (Málaga)

o 2012 Course in Camera Operator DSLR. Séptimo Pixel Producciones. Mijas. Málaga. Spain

o 2012 Course in Community Manager in the Web 2.0. European Institute Online Education (IEFO) Madrid. Spain.

o 2008. Course in Monograph Final Cut Pro End User Level 1. Emedialab Producción Audiovisual y Formación Avanzada s.l.l. Málaga. Spain.

o 2007. Course in Administration, Design and contents Management in systems diffusion of video broadcasting network based data platform Deneva V3.0. Formation Centre of Ingenia for University of Málaga. Spain.

o 2004. Course in High Quality Photography. University of Málaga. Spain.

o 2004. Course in Portrait Photography. University of Málaga. Spain.

o 2003. Course in Infographic audiovisual media. Aula Digital. INEM. Málaga. Spain.

o 2000. Course in Photography. Centre of Image Technology and learning Resources of Andalucía. Málaga. Spain.

PC and Macintosh:
Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000/ Millenium and Mac Os/X.
Adobe Photoshop CC; Ilustrator CC, InDesign CC, Premiere Pro CC.
Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook.

* 2014 Photographic Exhibition Restaurante El Calafate. Málaga. Spain

Intermediate English.
Fluent Spanish.

Full European Driving License B.